This Texas restaurant’s hilarious signs are keeping everyone laughing through the pandemic

It’s a bleak time for restaurants these days, so it can be tough to have a positive outlook or a sense of humor when your business is suffering and the future is uncertain. El Arroyo restaurant in Austin, Texas, however, is taking the situation in stride.

The iconic Austin establishment, which is now only open for to-go or delivery orders, is using its sign to attempt to lift the population’s spirits. The restaurant regularly updates the sign with humorous messages, poking fun at itself, social distancing, and other aspects of lockdown life.

And you don’t even have to visit Austin to check out the signs as many of the messages are displayed on the restaurant’s website and on Instagram. If you’re in dire need of some entertainment, or a pick-me-up, these clever messages will certainly do the trick.

One of the sign’s recurring themes is not-so-subtle allusions to Texas’s (and the rest of the country’s) growing desire to cope with the pandemic with excessive alcohol consumption.

The sign also regularly acknowledges people’s frustration with the current situation, likening it to passing a kidney stone.

And whether it’s hinting at the dystopian nature of the lockdowns, our immeasurable boredom, or humorously suggesting creative ways to pass the time, the messages are certainly relatable.

If you find yourself passing the long hours brainstorming your own sign idea, you can email it to the restaurant at, and they might just use it.

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