Things to Do in Senonches

Of the many towns of Europe, Senonches is the oldest. It was a town of Germans, Romans and the Saxons who lived around the banks of the river Medway in north-west England. The town was one of the most important trading places of the region and, after several centuries, it became a city of higher social standing. There is also town with same name Senonches in Centre-Val de Loire region of France.

Today, Senonches has its own theme park, attraction, huttopia, restuarent and more where you can get involved in activities like motocross, trekking, golfing and so on. A tour around the town shows you some things to do in Senonches that might not be as popular as some of the main attractions.

A visit to the open air market (open 7 days a week) offers an opportunity to learn about the town’s industrial history. There are also shops here to buy food and local handicrafts. The setting of the markets makes them interesting places to visit with their busy activity of children and adults alike.

The Milk House is located at the west end of the market and has a large courtyard. The Milk House also features a dairy that sells cheese, milk and eggs. This is where you can buy full pints of milk, a famous example of what the town is famous for – milk! Here you can also buy cheeses and curds, cakes and pastries and so on.

Alma Baths, which also has a small museum, is a must visit for visitors to the town. Situated near to the castle of Eynsham, Alma Baths was constructed in the 1300s by King Edward I. In it are baths, a sink, taps, toilets and a bath.

The Lavernest Garden is located near the theatre and gardens, just down the road from the Milk House. It has a large lawn and other areas in different themes, some of which feature sculpture, light and wildlife.

It is often described as being similar to watching a medieval fair, with knights, fairs, rides and games. In addition to these, there are also miniature games and so on.

One of the many other things to do in Senonches is the town’s famous stag parties, where revellers are invited to dress up in armor and other medieval or Renaissance costumes and dance and drink until the early hours of the morning. This attracts stag and fairies enthusiasts, but also people from all walks of life and interest.

To get there, take the free local bus service from the Bus Station to the Cloister Market and from there take the free local bus service to the town centre. There are also shuttle buses and a taxi service available.

The work of Johann Christophe Schnell and his son Jean-Francois (Francois) School can be seen throughout the town. You may even spot a statue of them in front of the Moorish Mosque in the town centre.

On any tour of the town there will be many opportunities to stop off and talk to Francoise Moore, with whom the Moore and Co were so closely associated. She is located at the train station and is happy to tell you about her life and the business she and her husband started.

You can meet many other music lovers during your time in the town. They include Sean Carrington, who were responsible for bringing many musicians into Senonches – and we all know how great Jimi Hendrix was during his stay there.