New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut will require visitors from certain states to quarantine

Although US travelers are eyeing Europe’s border reopenings, we should also be turning our attention inward as certain states begin restricting travel. New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut just issued a joint travel advisory Wednesday that requires people visiting from states with high COVID-19 rates to quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. The quarantine will apply to states with a transmission rate of over 10 per 100,000 people, or 10 percent of its whole population, on a seven-day average.

“We have to make sure the virus doesn’t come in on a plane,” said New York governor Andrew Cuomo. “We worked very hard to get the viral transmission rate down, and we don’t want to see it go up.”

As of Wednesday, June 24 at midnight, travelers coming from Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Washington, Utah, and Texas would be required to quarantine upon arrival at one of the three states. In New York, if you’re found to be in violation of the quarantine, you could be subject to a fine of $2,000 for the first violation, $5,000 for the second, and $10,000 if you ultimately cause harm by infecting others.

According to governor Murphy of New Jersey, “It’s the right thing to do, it’s the common sense thing to do, it’s the responsible thing to do.”

The new rules may sound strict, but the tri-state area was once the epicenter of the pandemic in America and isn’t eager to reclaim that designation.

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