Between monster hornets and viral disease, bees are having a really bad week. Here’s how to help.

Between monster hornets and viral disease, bees are having a really bad week. Here’s how to help.

  Bees are on the mind of the public these days. Scientists have concluded that climate change poses an increasing risk to bee populations worldwide, with a February study published in the journal Science directly linking rising temperatures to declining bumble bee populations on multiple continents. Common pest repellents like Orthene and Sevin, often sprayed … Read more

It’s Time To Spend A Lavish Weekend In Austin, Texas

Austin, TX

With its ahead-thinking chefs, hard-as-nails roller derby queens, up-and-coming musicians, and eccentric philosophers, Austin is an innovative hub within the middle of conventional Hill Country. If you’re making plans a go to to this bewitching capital city, then test out this manual to the correct weekend in Austin. Austin has been one of those urban … Read more

10 things to do in Chinatown on your Singapore trip


In contrast to the tall modern building all across the city, find some small old fashioned Chinese homes and streets soaked up in its traditional culture. In a true sense an epitome of abundance, from good cheap food, dozens of street shops, museums and temples across a diversity of cultures, you will agree when they … Read more

The Western Cal City to the Eastern Family Beaches of Ocean City


There are so many places to visit in the US that if you do not want to leave the country you do not have to, no matter what kind of vacation you are looking for! Beaches, wine country, mountains, summer and winter sports, adventure or nightlife, family fun and so much more. So here we … Read more

8 Most Romantic Places in Europe

Romantic Places in Europe

After all, in a relationship, your beloved one is somehow more special to you. Spending quality time with your soulmate gives you a heartfulness feeling until your life destiny. For any couple, whether its a honeymoon trip or just a trip, it is the most exciting and also an awaiting vacation. Every newlywed dream of … Read more