It’s been a long time back again but we have finally opened up our travel blog to guest posts by other bloggers and aspiring writers! Are you ready to write for us? We are looking for travel guest bloggers. Send your travel blog for review.

Guidelines and Rules for Writing Travel Guest Posts:-

Relevant articles – Almost everything that is travel related goes but you do want to choose topics that are as interesting as possible.
Get 1 do-follow after 300 words, your content should be at least 700 words to be accepted.
100% unique and Copyscape passed. Duplicate/ plagiarized content will be rejected.
High-quality Images must be at least 780*480 size for use in content, 1200 x 600 max for featured image.
No racist, sexist, adult, casino or anti-religious posts allowed.
Content intent and grammar should be clear and your article should be well optimized.
Once the content is published on our website it should not be published anywhere else.
Use h2 once and sub-heading to optimize content for SEO
Don’t include the author’s bio
Only accept articles that are written in English at this moment.

We’re Accepting Guest Post on Below Mentioned Niche:-

  • Travel
  • How to guides
  • Travel Tips
  • Travel News
  • Travel Destination
  • Travel Packages
  • Travel Vacation
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