The Happiest Countries in the World – Are They Really So?

Countries with a high standard of living, such as Germany, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada, have always been chosen by many for their rankings as the happiest countries in the world. Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland are also included in this list.

However, as many of the above-mentioned countries are on the edge of the West, such that the other happiest countries in the world have been included in their list, we are willing to challenge their definition of a happy life.

What defines a happy life, other than a good job, a home and the people around you? If you ask these people then they will likely answer that happiness is in doing the things that you love most and loving your family and friends the most.

So what defines happiness? Most experts and doctors do not agree with the concept that happiness should be expressed in the act or behavior of being happy. In order to define happiness, you have to look at what makes someone happy and what prevents him from being happy. You have to understand the meaning of your own life.

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cropped-trip-explorer-1.pngBeing happy does not have to be limited to just the achievement of your goals. A person who is happy in his life is also satisfied with the relationships he has and the way his life functions around him. He feels at peace and there is much less anger in his life.

Being happy is having your life in order. Whether it is managing your finances or dealing with others, whether it is in the workplace or outside the workplace, you need to be happy and successful.

You do not have to be happy all the time. Sometimes people are in a good mood when everything is going well, sometimes they are sad or down and sometimes when you least expect it, happiness may be found.


Many studies indicate that it is a big factor in determining success and happiness. There are a few things that have consistently shown that happiness and health go hand in hand.

When you are feeling happy, all the stress that you are feeling and the emotions that you are experiencing are lessened. When you feel happy, you are able to face life better and deal with your problems with greater ease.

One thing that you need to remember is that a great many people seem to make the mistake of believing that happiness is in how much money they have. These people usually live on two dollars a day and do not realize that they are not happy unless they are better off financially.

There are ways of finding happiness and satisfaction in your life that you can easily manage. It is all about how you look at your life and how you accept it. Happiness is not in the act but in the acceptance of all the aspects of your life.