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Top Destinations for Trekking In Tibet

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If you wanna experience the different and adventurous treks? Then, Tibet is the best choice to opt. The Tibetan Plateau located at an altitude of 4,500mts sprawled with the Himalayan Mountains from the north furnishes mind-blowing trekking options for ardent lovers.

Any type of trekkers can enjoy trekking in Tibet but must have the capability to face the harsh cold winds. For beginners also Tibet is a good place, here small trek points favors for them. Overall Tibet is the best choice for trekking to dwell in the adventure.

In addition to this, don’t forget to explore the spiritual side of Tibet which is a famous Buddhist culture center spotted with numerous monasteries and temples. Please go through the top 10 trekking points of Tibet dropped here.

  1. Advanced Everest Base Camp Trek:

This trek point is the world’s highest elevation trek at an altitude of 6,340mts high. Trekking to this base camp is a little bit tough have to face some challenging tasks.

You can’t start your trek straightly to the point first you must cover the overland trip from Lhasa or Kathmandu. Then you will be acclimatized to the atmosphere. After your overland tour a Tibet desde Mexico, from Rongbuk monastery, your journey to Advanced Everest camp starts.

In the way, first you have to reach Mount Everest base camp. From there within a distance of 22kms you can trek to Advanced Mount Everest base camp.

With regular intervals and resting points, you can complete your trek. The trek includes with Jokhang temple, Barkor square, sightseeing in Shigatse, and others.

Best time: Winters.

Altitude: 6,340mts.

  • Mount Kailash Pilgrimage:

Trek to Mount Kailash is religious context because it is a holy mountain in Tibet which is a famous pilgrimage spot for many religions. According to ancient scripts, this mount was considered as the “Center of the World”.

Mostly Hindus and Buddhists from India, Japan, Nepal, and China visit this place. They believe trekking to this mount makes all their sins washout and make them pure. Even some rest their life here to death circling around the mount.

In the journey of the trek, you will carry through Lake Manasarovar, Tibetan villages, temples, and more.

Trek to the Mount Kailash crossing the valleys, pristine lakes, snow-covered heaps, is just awe-inspiring. The difficulty of trekking also mid-range.

Best time: April to June and September to December.

Altitude: 6,714mts.

  • Ganden Samye Trek:

Ganden Samye Trek is a wonderful and serene trek in Tibet between monasteries and greenery landscapes. Those who love short treks can choose the trek between Ganden and Samye.

Even though it is a short trek but the challenging sites such as Chitu La and Shug La make you tremble. With this trek, you can spot out many Buddhist religious spots especially the ruins of Ganden one of the major attractions.

The trek ends at Samye monastery. It is a prominent place in Tibet because here only first Buddha monastery was emerged.

Overall the trek makes you see Tibet’s important Buddhist religious spots. Key attractions you go through trek are monasteries and Tibetan villages. Trekking to these areas not so hard to feel. Plan a 12 days trip to Tibet Bhutan Nepal and enjoy the best trekking activity.

Best time: April to June and September to December.

Altitude: 4,180mts.

  • Gama Valley trekking:

In Tibet, almost treks will be carried out amid snow-covered mountains but the chance of greenery is very less. If you want to experience the trek midst lush greenery means you have to choose Gama Valley.

This valley seems to be very beautiful with rivers, mountains with greenery, lakes, waterfalls, and a lot more. The trek goes on exciting with numerous touristic spots.

Notably, Mt. Everest Nature Reserve is the main place to see different rare plants and wildlife.

Locals of this region are very friendly to the trekkers. So you can enjoy the talks with them. Here Sherpas, Monpa, and Lhoba locals will reside.

However, trekking memories to this valley will stay forever long because of its fascinating looks.

Best time: April to June and September to October.

Altitude: 4,900mts.

  • Trek to Nam Tso Lake:

If you got bored in trekking to mountains means, Nam Tso Lake surroundings offer you the best experience. Trekking to this holy lake make you enjoy the scenic beauty of the lake in pristine blue waters.

Nam Tso lake is a famous saltwater lake in Tibet with dimensions of 70kms long and 30kms wide. Trek to this lake a little bit tough but the charisma of the lake stoles your heart with its bewitching looks.

En route, you will go through some religious spots of Buddhism. For Buddhist, this place is very important. The best things to cover in this trek are Potala Palace, Sera Monastery, Jokhang temple and more.

Best time: Winters.

Altitude: 3,650mts.


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