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How to Organize a Party in Your House and Enjoy it?

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Celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, an achievement, or just meeting with friends is always a good reason to meet. But sometimes, the preparations can generate a bit of stress and instead of relaxing and having fun, you end up having a hard time and not wanting to celebrate more. Here the Sankofa Guest HOUSE give you some tips to be able to take care of you without having to delegate the organization:

The space: Try not to invite more people than you can get to enter the space you are going to allocate for the meeting. It is better to have some chairs or armchairs if the party will last several hours so that the guests can be accommodated in the spaces. If it is open, you must have a Plan B for its rain.

The invitations: The ideal time to invite is between one month and 15 days, depending on the celebration. If you want to organize Eventbrite well, you can create your event without forgetting to share anything with your guests (by mail or through the social networks they use): from the reason for celebration, time and place, to the level of how to get there you can add to the invitation !. Also, you can incorporate the option that your guests are visible as they confirm their attendance, which can generate a better call. Keep in mind (so as not to despair and believe that no one will come) that the guests will usually arrive between half an hour after the start time you indicate.

The food: If you’re going to prepare food, it’s always more practical, what can be served in a space and people can eat with their hands: sandwiches, warming sandwiches, snacks or a more complete snack, pizzas or empanadas are also good option. Something a little more economical can be to build a stew of lentils or noodles for everyone and can eat them standing up in pots. It is good to add something sweet at the end, like a cake, cornstarch alfajorcitos or rich masses. It will always be easier to clean afterwards if they use disposables: tablecloths, glasses, plates, casseroles, forks, skewers, napkins, etc. Usually 4 sandwiches per person are calculated if it is at night.

Drinks: If you are going to buy drinks at the supermarket or ask the guests to collaborate, a problem that is always how to cool or keep them cold, since almost never enter the refrigerator. One possibility is if you have a large tank, put some ice water and add coarse salt (if you do not have a tank, you can do it in the bathtub). That cools them and keeps them during the meeting. It is estimated approximately half a liter per person of non-alcoholic beverages, although if it is hot, in general the guests take much more.

Music: Music is essential at the time of a party, because it creates very good climates as well as the lighting of the place. Once you know who the guests are and you know more or less their tastes you have to decide if they are going to dance or the music will only accompany the background, on this will depend the volume in which you will put it. Based on this, you can choose which themes you will go through. A computer connected to a console with speakers is much more comfortable when it comes to music, since you can schedule lists or simply have a series of songs that will play one after the other. A very good free software is Zara Radio that allows you to program your songs and thus plan a few hours of music. If you want there to be videos you can use the YouTube lists.

Entertainment: It happens to many of us that we want to invite friends from different areas, so sometimes it happens that not all the guests know each other beforehand, and some may feel uncomfortable or just do not talk to each other. An activity that can be very fun when it comes to organizing a party and that can be unifying the guests is to make games (no matter the age). Playing and humor is one of the keys to having a good time. Some activities that you can propose are: say it with mime, giant pictionary, a karaoke, dance of the chairs, games of questions and answers, of riddles. Raffles and prizes for the winners can be an excellent reason to want to participate. Try it at your next party and you will see how the guests enjoy it.

Remember that you can always hire someone for any or all of these activities, but, besides saving a lot of money, you can take care of all this and then enjoy it to the fullest during the party !

Finally, do not forget to take pictures and shoot videos, so you can remember this beautiful moment. Do you want to share some extra tip to organize your party?


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