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Electric Car or Electric Scooter: Which one is better for your last mile commute?

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Electric vehicles benefit both – the environment and us. They not only cause less air and noise pollution but also emit less harmful exhaust which is good for our health.

This has led to the surge in the adoption of electric vehicles across the country. Owing to this, many companies are coming up with various options of electric vehicles to choose from. From electric bikes and electric scooters to electric cars, the choices are many. But you should choose the one that meets your requirements for the last mile commute. Of course, both electric cars and electric scooters are way better than those run by fuel but the pros of e-scooters outweigh those of e-cars. Here’s why:

1.    Traffic

The most significant benefit of electric scooters is that they are traffic-friendly. Even on jam-packed roads, scooters can win over the cars any day. So, on the days when you are late for your college or office, with an electric scooter or bike, you can easily beat the traffic.

2.    Battery

Electric cars ask for more time for charging their battery and also use more power while running. This means you will need to recharge them more often than e-scooters. Only a few high-end companies manufacture electric cars with superfast charging capabilities which in turn make them expensive.

3.    Cost

Electric cars are costlier than electric scooters – both in terms of upfront costs as well as maintenance costs. Add to this the less battery life and more power usage, which make electric cars less desirable than their two-wheeled counterparts. Additionally, many companies like Mobycy provide e-scooter sharing service too. This makes electric scooters a tad cheaper and convenient because electric car sharing is not yet heard of.

4.    Convenience

We all know two-wheelers are convenient than cars, especially when the traffic problems are rising. Though electric cars are suitable for family rides, e-bikes and e-scooters are convenient for the daily commute. It is also a challenge to find a proper parking spot for cars.

All in all, electric scooters and e-bikes are better to meet your needs of the last mile commute.

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