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Did You Know About These 6 Incredible Ways Travel Makes You More Creative?

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There are so many ways travel makes you more creative that we cannot possibly number them! Travel and creativity go hand-in-hand and help our personalities to develop on a higher level. While avid travelers will be quick to agree on the benefits of travel, there are some skeptics as well. However, there are several things science tells us about travel and creativity that should silence the critics. From the in-depth research on traveling, several scientists have deduced that travel is immensely beneficial to us. Just look at how traveling changes your brain: you become smarter, learn how to be independent, and make better decisions. There are a lot more ways travel makes you more creative. Keep reading is you wish to know what these are!

Things Science Tells Us About Travel and Creativity:

For many, travel is a lifestyle statement and not just something they indulge in once or twice a year. Even if it’s a quick trip on last minute flights, travel can change your personality for the better. One cannot begin to count the benefits of international travel! Take a look below at some of the most common but invaluable ways travel makes you more creative.

1. Travel stimulates the mind

When you take yourself out from your routine environment and put yourself in a new place, the change can stimulate your mind in ways unimaginable. This is among the best ways travel makes you more creative. You experience new things on a new level – be it sights, sounds, hearing, tastes, or just the feeling. Interacting with people of a foreign culture will make sharpen your mind. The sharper the mind, the more creative it becomes.

2. It makes you open-minded

One of the most important ways travel makes you more creative is by making you more open-minded. A trip abroad will prove to you that creativity and travel cannot be separated. Mixing with people of another race, culture, region, and background will make you less judgmental. Your mind will quickly recognize the benefits and value that such interactions hold. Being open-minded is the key to being creative.

3. Travel can boost emotional health

This is among the most valuable things science tells us about travel and creativity. You need to be in a good place emotionally if you want your creative senses heightened. Travel can do that for you. Giving your emotional well-being a good boost is among the best ways travel makes you more creative. Right from planning a trip and booking business class flights to actually taking the trip and reminiscing about it later, travel benefits are immense.

4. You become innovative

Does traveling help in generating ideas and experiential learning? Why, yes it does! Several traveling studies have shown that when you travel often, you use your experiences on the road to deal with issues back home. However, true innovation comes from allowing oneself to be deeply immersed in another culture. For instance, a fashion designer will come up with innovative designs only when he or she has studied and experienced an alien culture in detail.

5. Self-confidence improves when you travel abroad

One of the top ways travel makes you more creative is by taking your self-confidence a couple of notches high. When you deal with people that belong to various backgrounds, you bring yourself out of the comfort zone. You learn how to speak without hesitation and form healthy relationships pretty quickly. This improved self-confidence will help you bring creative solutions to problems in the workplace and at home.

6. You learn to ‘think outside the box’

While it may seem ordinary, this is among the most important ways travel makes you more creative. Researchers at the Tel Aviv University found that those who believed various races had fixed essences/traits performed worse in creative tests than those who thought the differences were malleable. What this means is that travel will make you less racial in your thinking. You will learn to see the world as a whole and this will, in turn, boost your creativity. In other words, you will learn to think outside the box.

Creativity Inspired by Travel:

If you need to be further convinced of the benefits of international travel, take a look at some important legendary figures who wholeheartedly embraced traveling.

  • Famed writer Ernest Hemingway was an ardent traveler who traveled all his life. He spent a lot of time in Cuba and loved to hunt. He also enjoyed bullfights in France, Spain, and Africa.
  • Mark Twain was another legendary personality who loved to travel. His Innocents Abroad travelogue is still read across the world.
  • The venerated Venetian merchant traveler Marco Polo is a legend across the world with many still reading his Travels of Marco Polo travelogue.
  • Let’s not forget Christopher Columbus – The famous Italian explorer who reportedly discovered America!

These are just some of the many amazing people who gave in to their traveling dreams. Had they not done so, they would not have achieved as much as they did. Will you let travel change your life the way it did theirs? Let the awesome ways travel makes you more creative take over. Book international flight tickets  and let the journey – not just the destination – change your life forever. Don’t just travel inspired, and inspire others to travel as well!


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