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7 Best Chinatown Shopping Places for Singapore Tourists

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Buying souvenirs for friends and family members is a must for many tourists. We like to take something back from the places we visit as memorabilia too. Singapore has its own unique culture and lifestyle which includes clothes, food and art.Shopping in this amazing country is a thrill on its own.

Go shopping in these 7 best Chinatown shopping places which are hand-picked with the interests of tourists visiting Singapore in mind:

Cio Chinatown Point – For Souvenirs and Antique Shopping

One of the best places for shopping in Singapore, Cio Chinatown Point is a 6-storey shopping mall with 200 stores, a public library and the Handicraft Centre. Besides modern products like shoes, bags and cosmetic, this shopping mall also offers antiques, art and crafts, and other souvenirs from the Ming Dynasty period. It is perfect for tourists that are looking to buy souvenirs at affordable and reasonable prices.

YueHwa – For Chinese Herbs and Ethnic wear

Located in the historic building that won the Architectural Heritage Award, YueHwa is a well-known Chinatown shopping spot with three well-known department stores that sell authentic ethnic Chinese wear, medicinal herbs, and antiques. It is extremely popular among tourists, and Hongkongers looking to buy Chinese antiques jage carvings or medicinal products like antlers, ginseng, and cordyceps. Among the best places to shop in Singapore, it offers superior quality products at reasonable prices.

China Square Central Flea Market – For Affordable Shopping

A flea market with numerous stalls is set up in an air-conditioned mall called China Square Central, on every Sunday morning. The China Square Central Flea Market, spread across two floors, offersChinese antiques, toys, vintage clocks, comic books, and phones at cheap prices with the flexibility to bargain. Although it is setup in a modern mall, the flea market affords goods and products similar to any outdoor street shopping area.

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TanjongPagar Plaza – For Artlovers

TanjongPagara Plaza is perfect for art lovers as it has over 130 shops that sell various products including high-quality handicrafts and art products. It is established to meet the everyday needs of locals and so you can find amazing bargains and deals on a wide range of products including textiles, electronics, and cosmetics. As one of the best places in Chinatown for shopping, it affords a wonderful opportunity for tourists interested in art to buy Singaporean artisan items.

Chinatown Street Market – For StreetFood and Night Shopping

From silky robes to lucky cats, Chinatown Street Market has hundreds of stores that offer everything including street food, traditional clothes, opera masks, dragon candles and other fun items. It is one of the best places for shopping in Singapore since you can bargain for best prices. The place looks wonderful at night and best to explore after dusk.

Ann Siang Road – Has Something for Everyone

One of the best places to shop in Singapore is a one-way road featuring some of the oldest shop houses located on the Ann Siang Hill of Chinatown. It’s the place to go for women’s shopping as there are many boutiques which offer everything from party dresses to funky underwear. There are also stores for men that offer tailored suits and other clothes. It is also home to some of the best restaurants in Singapore where you dine and drink wine.

BooksActually – For Avid Readers

When you travel, do you like taking a book with you? Then you must also like checking out popular works of popular poets and writers of the countries you visit. BooksActually is the place to go in Singapore if you want to find all types of book written by both international and Singaporean authors. From fiction and poetry to educational tomes, all the books on sale are hand-picked by the friendly owner of this wonderful book store. It also runs the Math Paper Press which published over 90 books written by new and upcoming authors and has recently entered the business of comics and graphic novels as well.

Have a day set out for shopping in Singapore and explore all these awesome shopping streets. I hope this article helped you find the best place to shop in Singapore based on your interests.


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